Protight Controller - Network Configuration for Protight Installations

Protight Controller - Network Configuration for Protight Installations

Below is the instructions for connecting to Protight:


1) Set up a network on the access point (AP) with the following IP configuration:

            a) Default Gateway:

            b) SSID:                      "as desired"

            c) PW:                         "as desired"

            d) IP configuration:        Static range ~

            e) Band:                       5ghz

            f) Channel:                    44 


            The network will eventually be as follows:


            Ethernet Port on PC:     (if Turck unit is used)

            Wireless Adapter on PC:

            Turck EIO:                   (if Turck unit is used)

            Freeset IP Address:     


2) Open Freeset Manager 

a) Login Administrator / PW "Admin" > Connect tool through USB to PC > Click READ

b) Click SETUP button (lower right hand corner)

c) Click BASIC SETTINGS tab and enable “RADIO


d) Enter the above network identification exactly per your settings.  

You may use the below screen shot as a guide.  Use Port 8003 in both fields.

e) Click WRITE

3) Open Protight

                a) CONFIG WIZARD > NUTRUNNERS > Configure tool settings as see in the below screen shots.  Please be sure to change the IP address on the CONNECTION tab to match your IP Scheme

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