Protight Controller - Startup Process to Begin Riveting

Protight Controller - Startup Process to Begin Riveting

When properly configured the Freeset3 will communicate with Protight Via WIFI.  Below is the Protight station startup procedure.

1)       Power Up PC
2)       Open Protight Software
3)       Click login operator and type (or Scan) in the operator code.
4)       The model identification screen will appear
5)       Install the battery into the tool
6)       Wait until the network is joined.  Network is properly joined when the "STARTSWITCH" is displayed on the tool display.
7)       Press the trigger to activate the startswitch.  The purpose of the startswitch is to insure free movement and good working order of the tools components.
8)       Scan workcell/model bar-code.  This barcode will quickly be passed to the model identification screen and the riveting process will start. 
9)       Start the riveting process.
10)     When the process is completed the result will be passed to Protight and the model identification screen will re-appear.

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