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            "Blue Screen of Death" - PC Kernel Error

            The below error occurs under the following conditions and is usually caused by and corrected as follows:

            Possible Cause:    The controller was shutdown suddenly using the switch. -OR- a CELLULAR NETCARD was left in the machine during reboot.
            Reason:                 The proper shut down process should be:
                                          a) shut down the RivetKing software in Task Manager if necessary.
                                          b) shutdown PC using the windows icon in the lower left corner to restart the machine
            Remedy:                Perform a proper reboot WITHOUT the CELLULAR NETCARD in the USB.  The machine should restart as normal. 
                                                      - If the machine doesn't correct itself, or restarts the PFCS software in a foreign language, contact support.   This may require rebuilding the database.  

            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 02:41 PM
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