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            Error: Tool Says "CLEAN" with a wrench icon

            This error occurs when the tool counters have expired and should be reset. Depending on the freest software or firmware have the process might be slightly different. 
            To reset the counters, please do as follows:

            1) Plug USB into Computer
            2) Plug USB (small side) into TOOL at the bottom under the battery pins.
            3) Login as "Service"
            4) PW is "Serv"
            5) Press READ button on the screen.
            6) It should open the service tab only in which you will see the following listed:
            7) Only delete or 0 the cells in yellow highlighted.   Reset them to 0.  Leave the white boxes to the left alone.
            8) Or optionally, you can just click RESET button. 
            9) Write the program back to the tool
            10) Clean the tool as new maintenance interval has been set

            Updated: 08 Apr 2018 12:45 PM
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