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            RK-787-3 / Tool does not stop when spinning on, seemingly moving from spin on (step 1), to rivet setting (step 2), to spin off (Step 5) in one phase.

            Freeset 3 Only
            1) Check the Program insuring in step 1, with one of, or both of the following are enabled on the gear screen.  

            In Program Settings of Freeset Manager
            a) force = 225lbs and it is ENABLED
            b) pressure switch is DISABLED (you may also try ENABLED if it was on DISABLED to start with)
            c) Stop at the end is enabled on step 1.
            d) Retry, then if it still doesn't work then proceed to Freeset 1, 2 instructions below

            Freeset 1 and 2 (and 3)

            - Take off the large nut on the front of the tool, exposing the load cell, and the switch located at the bottom.
            - Check pressure switch to insure you here a click, when it is depressed.  If not, please have service provider repair this issue.
            **Warning!!  If you attempt to open the tool and you are not a certified service provider, we will know it, and it will void the warranty.

            Service Providers:
            - Remove housing from tool
            - front of this switch (closest to the nose of the gun.
            - Take of the nose housing and nose housing holder with hands.
            - Towards the bottom, press the spring pin (pressure switch link) and see if when pressed the switch clicks.  Pressure switch click indicates it is working properly.
            - If that doesn't work, Bend the spring clip in such a way that achieves the click sound when the pressure switch link is depressed.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 03:02 PM
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