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            RK-787-3 and (-2) / Chattering-squeak sounds emitting from tool nose.

            If there is a squeak or chattering sound coming from the front of the tool, use the following strategy to repair it.

            Note:  Lubrication of spindle must happen weekly.

            - Take nose piece, nose case off the gun and expose the entry point of spindle to tool body.  No clamshell screws must be removed.
            - Use 3 and 1 oil sparingly around this area to thin the debris and dust. 
            - Apply a thin layer of Magna lube to this spindle area
            - Cycle the tool, 20 more times.
            - If it persists, repeat 20 more cycles
            - If it still persists, relubricate this area again and cycle the tool 20 more times.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 03:02 PM
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