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            Freeset Manager - Load/Copy Program(s)/Settings in Freeset Manager From .xml File.

            Freeset3 - Loading Program(s)/Settings in Freeset Manager From .xml File.

            1) Select the Freeset Manager icon and open the program

            2) Login with Administrator rights

            3) Click READ tool

            4) Click FOLDER icon which will allow you to open an .XML file

            4) File the .XML file you wish to open.  This file will be loaded on to the tool that will be connected through USB.

            5) Click WRITE to write the files to the tool.

            6) Freeset Manager will ask, "Do you wish to recover the tool completely?"    If you wish to flash the tool of all settings and replace them with the settings of the XML file, click YES.  If you are unsure, save the programing of this tool before flashing it.  

            7) Freeset Manager will ask which components you would like to load into the new tool.  Try to minimize what information is flashed.  If programs are only needed, then just select the program you wish to copy to the tool.  

            8) Click OK and the tool will be flashed with the settings. 

            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 03:14 PM
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