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            Tara Error

            This error typically happens during the first uses of the tool.  As RivetKing only tests 100 placings before shipping and we are unfamiliar with the customers application and selection of rivet nut size.  

            The electronics and the load cell need to sync.  If those speed values need to be adjusted, it creates the "Tarra Error" and will cause the tool to be inoperable until remedied by a .

            The fix is provided by RivetKing tech support staff by remote control of the host computer, or optionally by the user with the attached document. 

            For remote support you will need:
            1) Internet Connection
            2) A computer with Freeset Manager available
            3) A compatible USB cable
            4) A tool
            5) Teamviewer Access

            Call 845-323-1200 and request Tarra Fix.  We will request access to your computer via teamviewer.  You will provide the ID and the PW.  We will connect to the computer, read the tool, adjust setting to provide a sync between the load cell and the electronics.  The fix takes about 3 mins.

            To fix the issue yourself:
            Please follow the instructions on the attached document.
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            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 02:33 PM
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